AFTER ANDRE DERAIN - Eight days on the North Shore

Contemporary NZ art by Gillian Lander.


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THE PAINTINGS - (oil on board 12" x 16")


Alas, I hesitated 15 minutes too long on TradeMe and missed an original by the French Fauvist, Andre Derain - an early work of his. So, I decided to paint my own. His work LHS, my work below.

My sky, not so poisonous, my trees more solid. Tricky business copying another ! My fingerprints everywhere. My light - more effective!

Thus the series triggered. Simply narrative Impressionist - not Fauve.




Chelsea Refinery 12 x 16in Oil on board. 2019 $300


North Milford 12 x 16in Oil on board  2019 $300




Soldiers Bay 12 x 16in Oil on board 2019    $300

  Managers' Houses Chelsea 12 x 16in Oil on  board  2019 $300



Bayswater wharf 12 x 16in Oil on board 2019 $300

  North end of the Harbour Bridge 12 x 16in Oil on board 2019    $300



Smiths Bush, Northcote 12 x 16in Oil on board 2019  $300


Old Northcote Wharf 12 x 16in Oil on board 2019    $300




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