BLAKE'S LAW - Four works

Exhibitions of this set are possible in suitable venues..

The poem is a work by Alys Thorpe, the pen name of a friend of mine. Her poetry is studied in USA. You can read more of her work H E R E Overall theme in my work - Global warming. You may also refer to William Blake for the full richness of meaning..



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THE PAINTINGS - 300mm x 300mm Oil on plywood.


Oh alien, majestic, exiled lord 
who fettered thee with what cruel cord 
and bore thee hence at foul expense 
your wild life cradled by a pale fence? 

To what wide yawn, and ambling stride 
they limit now your ageing pride 
and while immortal hands might frame, 
it was mere mortals called thee 'game'.

Text at foot refers to melting of arctic ice



And what shoulder, and what art 
have wrenched from home your aching heart
and with what twists, what longing beat 
echoes the concrete at your pacing feet. 

What distant wilds, remembered skies 
what ancient genes o'erlaid by bleak high rise 
what starving deeps reflect in golden eyes 
what shrivelled power remains in idle thighs. 

Text at foot refers to multinationals, bush/forest fires USA



What was the hammer, what the forge, 
that on a feline virus made thee gorge 
and brought to mince meat mighty jaws, 
and what vile symmetry of jungle laws 

and when the stars look down in tears, 
and men on men cast down sharp spears 
oh do they smile, their work to see, 
do those your fortune made, still shout with glee? 

Foot text refers to violence due to stresses of climate change


Oh alien, majestic, exiled lord, 
who fetters thee with this foul chord 
and what mere mortal hand and eye 
dare relish your wild mystery?

Foot texts refer to Genesis and Psalm 78. Hebrew text names Mt Ararat


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