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Art works in oils on canvas by Gillian Lander (b. 1942), a contemporary New Zealand painter, resident on the North Shore, Auckland.

Musician and medieval musicologist as well as painter, Gillian Lander paints mainly abstracted landscape, often with an underlying political, literary (T S Eliot and Allen Curnow), contemplative or religious reference. She particularly feels indebted to the French Post-Impressionists of landscape such as Cezanne, Andre Derain and Maurice de Vlaminck, New Zealand's Colin McCahon (of course), and El Greco, and she loves the work of Turner. She seeks not to produce merely narrative or trendy art. Fashion is of no consequence. Not seeking to be politically correct, Maori and Pasifika elements do not feature in her work - likewise motifs like sunny beaches, Nikau palms and cabbage trees. Her heritage is pioneer NZ and Western European - even Celtic.

Her work contains many layers of paint, impasto, and glazing. Palette knife, bare hands, rag and brushes are all tools in applying paint. Text, if it is used, is obscured so the work does not become just a billboard or poster. Paintings can take years to complete - or be passable - so the total oeuvre is not great. In fact, some paintings are revised and reworked after several years, or can become the grisailled ground for another painting.

She is largely self-taught, though she did study Art History in her undergraduate years, and Art at Auckland Teachers' College, and did summer courses at Auckland Society of Arts becoming an Associate member. Having a musical profession as well has meant a sporadic pattern of work. The early 1980s saw a return to painting, and again in the mid 1990s until 2005 when surgery interrupted her activity. This was followed by post-graduate study. Now in 2014 there is another return to work - the organ and choral music now a fond memory.

These pages include works now held in several private collections as well as works held by the artist. Selected works are for sale via the artist, or you will be directed to a gallery. The image copyright of course is retained by the artist and can be used in making prints. You are welcome to make an appointment to see a work prior to purchase. She will accept special commissions.

Updated - January 2015


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