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Contemporary NZ art by Gillian Lander

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After Derain
Blake's Law
Composition IV  [12" x 12"] Oil and impasto on canvas  2019 Mid-year Members Exhibition NorthART $300
Composition II [Oil on canvas] 30" x 30"  2019 SOLD Private collection Wellington.
Composition III  30" x 30" Oil on canvas 2019 $1500
The Golden Evening brightens in the west - Kapiti . Oil on folded canvas 15in x 15in. A commission for an old school friend for their Golden wedding anniversary.
South from Pahi 18x36in 2014, oil on canvas - in collection of John and Joy Leonard. I have done a couple of photos in different light. Not a great photographer.

Kaipara Low Sunday (Behold, he goes before you into Galilee. ) 30x30in 2014. Oil on canvas. NFS. A rework of an earlier painting. Flash and daylight versions.



Erosion 2014 12in x 12in oil on canvas. Private Collection, Auckland





Composition 2 (c.2008)

oil on canvas 30in x 30in

With artist BEING RE-WORKED see above.


Dixi Custodiam 24in x 48 in, oil on folded canvas. A contemplation of Psalm 34. Private collection, Auckland





Composition 1 (c.2008)

Oil on canvas 100 x 100cm Bad pic - will re-work

With artist.NFS Done on a canvas found in road rubbish.





(Sorry - pic not square)

Curnow Icon #1 12" x 14" oil on canvas 2003

Private collection, Auckland




Curnow Icon #2 12' x 14" oil on canvas 2003

Tell me Star of the Sea, how quick is death?

Private Collection, UK





This little painting is the result of a trip into the wilds of Coromandel Peninsula, recollecting where we once had a great cathedral choir picnic, swimming in an ice cold stony stream.

12" x 14" oil on folded canvas. 2002

In Private Collection, Auckland





'Here the intersection of the timeless moment' 33" x 33" Eliot Series #1 2001 - oil on folded canvas

Private collection, Wellington





'Suspended in time' 30" x 30" Eliot series #2 2001 - oil on folded canvas

Private collection, Wellington




Eliot #3 oil on folded canvas 24" x 24"- 2002. Text from Little Gidding sub-stratum.

Private Collection, Wellington

Permission given to Revd Mel Malton to use this image in her Order of Service at her priesting on Nicholas Ferrar Day, 4 Dec. 2011. Digby Nova Scotia.





Wanganui River painting 1997 NFS





Kaipara Low Sunday No 2 - 30" x 30" oil 2000 - In Private Collection, Whangarei




Kaipara Low sunday No 3 30" x 30" In Private Collection, Whangarei




Kaipara Low Sunday No 4 In Private Collection, Whangarei




'Fecit Potentiam' - 30" x 30" oil on folded canvas. 2001

Private collection



Sicut Locutus Est - 30" x 30" oil on folded canvas 2001

Private collection



"Deposuit potentes de sede' 28"x28" oil on folded canvas Private Collection, Wellington






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