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SEE BELOW:  The CANTUS database now has my work loaded and proofed - after 10 years.  See 'Recent column' [RHS]on
BETHLEHEM STAR.[All of the Covid bilge is gone. The politics I watch with despair, but it ain't my problem. ]
I have joined the Astronomical Society - a result of seeking info about a stray object in the night sky- likely a SatNav thingy. Amazed at the programme of activities by and for members - who seem to be a mix of nerds and other professionals - and quite a mix of nationalities and musicians.  Monday night is the night. Roll up in very comfy gear, and hear talks, lectures, films, use telescopes, and apparently have great suppers!
<< >> Very highly organised website, monthly magazine, hire of telescopes, and an Annual Programme.  These people stay up late and wear warm gear for outside at night. Or, they get up pre-dawn......

SO, I HAVE SEEN THE RINGS OF SATURN ! At Christmas tide !  Sure 2,000 years ago, around about the Birth of Jesus [whenever that was] such an event in the sky would have held great portent. Natural to bind it into the Nativity story, along with Virgin Birth.... all making the back story of this person of great importance. I had noticed Jupiter getting brighter in the western sky as I walked Dora in the early evening. Now to hire a telescope, and dig deeper. Stunning photography

The pic on the left must be in the northern hemisphere - Saturn a small star to the left of Jupiter. We saw it to the right.

So, on Christmas Eve I decided to attend Midnight at the cathedral. Not done for ?35 years. Not the exhausting rich, liturgical musical occasion of my youth. Commitment and long rehearsal are no more. None of the glorious heritage of English church music - or Sweelinck, Monteverdi or Charpentier. No Lauridsen, Tavener and other moderns. Not even John Rutter. In fact quite sad to witness the loss. Hanging by a thread - very publicly, live streamed on Youtube..

The choir had many ringins from secular choirs, and they sang stuff suited to school choirs.... unison  Riu,Riu,Chiu...... and even Silent Night [in woke Maori - not German! ] and a Haydn Mass setting, as usual. Haydn's Masses were all for his patron's chapel at Esterhazy, and quite simple. Not a renowned period in Catholic Church music. Well, the church in the 18th century was a lost cause - as it was in the 5th and 13th centuries.  Palestrina, Monteverdi likely rolling their eyes. But, for all my criticism, it was a blessed service with a sense of the Holy. Dean even kissed me Happy Christmas. I am glad I went, rather than escape to St Stephen's solitude.

Amazingly, plenty of young people were present - new to the eucharist. Maybe 2020 has awakened something.....

Composition II - SOLD

Composition III

Composition IV [12" x 12"] -  for NorthArt exhibition July7
[oil and impasto on stretched canvas]

Dora has arrived. Born St Thomas Becket Day, 2018 [29 Dec] in Matamata. [Theodora Becket Lander ]

Big Day Out...... a lunchtime walk on Milford Beach on a long lead at 12 weeks. Funnnn........ Next time - plenty of other dogs. And now Aunty Helen has given her a basket - for now. And Aunty Maggie gave her toys. Yesterday the micro-chip. Today - big puddles in the rain and a long run. Sunday - another time on Milford beach....  3mths - below left, 4 months below. Free of lead at Milford / Soldiers Bay

'There is a tide in the affairs of women, which taken at the flood, leads - God knows where !' - Lord Byron.

Completed series of four paintings on Global Warming, including 'the Flood' painting... Mount Ararat + Noah & co in Global Warming series.. SEE NOW < H E R E > [Blake's Law] Exhibited at NorthArt Gallery.

Six Responsories will be at the Cathedral for their Quiet Day 19-20 October, and five works will hang in the Auckland Buddhist Temple "Salon" all November.

UPDATE........  the LAUNCH of NZ Wt MSR-03 on the Cantus Database !


The 6 year job of digital indexing of 'NZ Wt MSR-03' [the siglum for the 15th century Amersfoort Antiphonal in Alexander Turnbull Library] is complete and uploaded to the Cantus Database in Canada. They have some technical stuff to do on their side [by a team in Prague] including setting IDs for my new-found chants for St Anne and St Monica, and making the link to each image before it goes live.



Filiae Iherusalem, venite et videte martirem cum corona quae coronavit eum dominus in die solempnitatis et laetitiae Alleluya, alleluya. EUOUAE

[Daughters of Jerusalem, come and see the martyrs with crowns whom the Lord has crowned in the solemn and happy day.]

EUOUAE - the psalm tone outline for the Magnificat chant to follow.

What we have above: Ad Mag An = Magnificat Antiphon for Vespers to precede Magnificat. F is pitched on the second line of staff. The chant finals on the mode on D, Mode 1 at Alleluia. Ad Laudes Ant = Antiphon for use at Laudes "Justum deduxit dominus" before the five psalms and Benedictus. C is pitched on the top line of staff. These nuns rarely sang the long Night Office of Mattins. Over 500 chants analysed and indexed.

Next task - complete the monograph and make an edition of this 'new' St Anne Office not sung for 600 years.

Ambrose Lander (2005-2017)

My beautiful Ambrose,

Born 27 Nov 2005. RIP 21 March 2017

Above - No longer interested in the seagulls on Milford Beach. Tired little boy.

My beautiful Antonia, killed on the road 9pm, 6 March, 2014. And now Anna has moved in bigtime...




A transcription of the St David's Office 'Three Welsh Chants', the probable earliest monuments of Welsh music, is now on the Music page. HERE The Dissertation they are contained in has earned First Class Honours in musicology. It can be read as a PDF from My Music page above as well.

The dissertation has been requested for Prof. Dr William Renwick's (of McMaster University) international project on the Sarum Office that he is managing. HERE

The MMus thesis on the Amersfoort Antiphonal has morphed into a book - "A Far-Flung Music" or "Landfall in Secular Seas" a Post-Christian companion to a treasure of the Alexander Turnbull, and that can contain art history and theological material too to make a a better read for the general reader. There are Dutch art works in the Auckland Art Gallery of the same era. The detective work continues even deeper. Mopping up work to follow to have all the data on On it goes.



And a copy of it all goes to St David's Cathedral library.












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