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William Brodrick, is a wonderful author of detective novels. I have just started his latest work "A Whispered Name" - a work of WW1 fiction. I have loved all his writing. Brodrick was an Augustinian monk who read law and philosophy as well as theology, and was a London barrister until he became a fulltime writer. So his work has a substance to it. Fr Anselm is his detective lead character from Larkwood monastery. Pause for thought, given his reference to Isaiah 11:[1-10] and insight now from Life experience: it is FAR better to be unjustly condemned, than it is to escape conviction for actual crime. The unjustly condemned always have the opportunity to rise above it, and find a positive angle whereby to grow. Those escaping judgement live a lie in a growing hell that ruins them, their families and everything they touch.

Psalm 22 covers the former condition and it's second half is so positive. Yes the gospel writers used it to craft their crucifixion story, but Jesus the good Jewish boy would have known the text too - and taken heart upon the Cross. Hear it from Kings College Cambridge on Youtube:

Psalm 51 is the mire of the escaped convict. AND see historian Matthew Wright "Convicts" pre TOW in NZ.

Today on Advent Sunday a new way forward is clear. No, I no longer play for services [well that's a relief]* but I have a role, playing for the many visitors to the cathedral. I am being 'organised' to be part of the "welcome " setup and I do take pleasure in having all sorts hear me at work. Tourists of all walks of life stop to talk - or just sit and listen. It's not that I'm "brilliant", but there is apparently soul in even the simplest music I offer, bumbling left hand notwithstanding. I know. I have been told many times over the years. 'Transported' was a word one man used. Dunno how or where, but it happens.

Found, a contemplative monastic community online that nurtures the artist soul.... and I look too, for a bit of a nudge in the painting line. [Mmm...Got their books now- too old for them] . Fr Richard Rohr - "Falling Upwards" is where I am at, and giving all my Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen books to the new curate. Strange time of life, getting rid of 'stuff'...books and music. Four boxes of concerti and worse, going to a young pianist.

* Spoken too soon. Wedding booked for Feb.

'There is a tide in the affairs of women, which taken at the flood, leads - God knows where !' - Lord Byron. [Verily, verily, words taken from my own mouth this day].

Completed series of four paintings on Global Warming, including 'the Flood' painting... Mount Ararat + Noah & co in Global Warming series.. SEE NOW < H E R E > [Blake's Law]



Back to painting. NorthArt Gallery in Northcote has this work until 1 August. 'Nighfall, Soldier's Bay' [12"x12" ] Oil on canvas.

More to come. [SOLD]

An exhibition coming at NorthART of eight works subsequent to the Andre Derain I missed on TradeMe.
See < H E R E >

Prof. Elizabeth Rata "The Politics of Knowledge in Education" has a real grasp on what is going on under the radar - and under our noses. Not popular in a certain quarter, but she has an international scholar's reputation. AH..... my young fellow medieavalist is making a researched presentation to Education Review, arguing that present educational policies are resulting in Apartheid by stealth at the hands of "liberals". Fifty year old texts of Hendrik Verwoerd et al. curiously parallel today's liberal/progressive rhetoric. Population more divided economically, socially and educationally. Relegated to ghettos. I'm with Alice Berridge of Queen Vic fame. Her girls, now aunties and nanas, have got it ALL together. The best of both worlds. Gracious, poised, articulate, unthreatened, disciplined.


The 6 year job of digital indexing of 'NZ Wt MSR-03' [the siglum for the 15th century Amersfoort Antiphonal in Alexander Turnbull Library] is complete and uploaded to the Cantus Database in Canada. They have some technical stuff to do on their side [by a team in Prague] including setting IDs for my new-found chants for St Anne and St Monica, and making the link to each image before it goes live.

> <

The link below is set from Alexander Turnbull so that the world can access this digitised version to work with my Index. [ Didn't help that in the 6 years since I started, they have changed pagination and JPGs to TIF.] They will be warned that usage of AT website will gradually grow - but I doubt it will crash. DIAMM in Oxford also has a link.

< >

On this National Library page above SEARCH for 'MSR-03', then click on 'Antiphonary', and the cataloguing information shows, then ACCESS DIGITAL CONTENT. On the left a drop down menu shows. Choose FOLIOS, and 001r ...... and Lo....

Filiae Iherusalem, venite et videte martirem cum corona quae coronavit eum dominus in die solempnitatis et laetitiae Alleluya, alleluya. EUOUAE

[Daughters of Jerusalem, come and see the martyrs with crowns whom the Lord has crowned in the solemn and happy day.]

EUOUAE - the psalm tone outline for the Magnificat chant to follow.

What we have above: Ad Mag An = Magnificat Antiphon for Vespers to precede Magnificat. F is pitched on the second line of staff. The chant finals on the mode on D, Mode 1 at Alleluia. Ad Laudes Ant = Antiphon for use at Laudes "Justum deduxit dominus" before the five psalms and Benedictus. C is pitched on the top line of staff. These nuns rarely sang the long Night Office of Mattins. Over 500 chants analysed and indexed.

Next task - complete the monograph and make an edition of this 'new' St Anne Office not sung for 600 years.

Ambrose Lander (2005-2017)

My beautiful Ambrose,

Born 27 Nov 2005. RIP 21 March 2017

Above - No longer interested in the seagulls on Milford Beach. Tired little boy.





My beautiful Antonia, killed on the road 9pm, 6 March, 2014.

And now Anna has moved in bigtime...


The Gallerypics page is being updated with some stuff done since the surgery. Mmm.. bit of a change. "Expressionist" I suppose, and a bit derivative. See HERE

2014 - a return to painting. Yess.... some weekly work at Lakehouse Arts with Anneke Laan has kick started things. Quite a few works previously here online have morphed. I take a break after Easter to finish some medieval music work. (Ha!!! Take a break - ankle that is... )

A transcription of the St David's Office 'Three Welsh Chants', the probable earliest monuments of Welsh music, is now on the Music page. HERE The Dissertation they are contained in has earned First Class Honours in musicology. It can be read as a PDF from My Music page above as well.

The dissertation has been requested for Prof. Dr William Renwick's (of McMaster University) international project on the Sarum Office that he is managing. HERE

The MMus thesis on the Amersfoort Antiphonal has morphed into a book - "A Far-Flung Music" or "Landfall in Secular Seas" a Post-Christian companion to a treasure of the Alexander Turnbull, and that can contain art history and theological material too to make a a better read for the general reader. There are Dutch art works in the Auckland Art Gallery of the same era. The detective work continues even deeper. Mopping up work to follow to have all the data on On it goes.

'Ambrosia' has recorded a DVD of the main Welsh chant above for the Auckland University MEDEMS 2011 Conference 16-17 April. We have now loaded it on YouTube - thus:
Welsh Responsory: Sciens quod v. Loca solitaria (Soloists Linda Beamer and Graeme Dykes. )

And a copy of it all goes to St David's Cathedral library.


AND WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL? ..... more on sundries





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